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Best freelancing websites for beginners

Best freelancing websites for beginners

Before learning what are the best freelancing websites for beginners let us know what is freelancing and how does it exactly work?

Freelancing essentially means providing services to a specific customer which can be an individual or an organisation, who need a specific service. So basically a freelancer works in multiple projects where he provides services or sells his expertise to different customer and earns money for those specific services he/she provides.

So you have decided to become a freelancer and you are so exicted to earn some extra cash or making this a full time job.

But how to go about it ?

Essentially there are two ways with which you can sell your services or expertise to customers.

Own website/page

The first one being the traditional way of advertising yourself through your own website or platform or page like Instagram, Facebook or other such pages. In this case potential clients will find you their and approach you for work. For this to work you will have to release regular content for your website or pages and also keep few sample works for your clients to evaluate and decide. This method obviously need a set of audience who need to visit your website in order to choose you for their services.

Freelance job aggregator platforms

The second method is more convenient and easy to use method where you can quickly gain audience and build credibility for your work. This method includes use of already established platform where you need to register as a freelancer and submit your sample work. There will be other freelancer like you who will be present in that platform too. Clients will visit these established freelancing platforms and choose the service and freelancer they want and fix a rate for their work. Though this method has greater competition but if your work is good then it will be easier to gain an audience and credibility here compared to building your own website and advertising it to attract audience.

Top 3 best freelancing websites for beginners


Pros in Upwork

One very reliable and lifesaving benefit that Upwork provides is its Protection fee. So if you are working on a project with a client and you have already spend your time on the project and suddenly the client doesn’t respond or leaves the project midway then Upwork will still pay you your due earning according to the time you have invested on it.

Cons in Upwork:

One of the biggest pros and cons in Upwork has to do with money. So when you signup for Upwork and land your first ever client on the platform, you will have to pay a 20% fee for your first $500 you make. Once you go beyond $500 the fee will reduce to 10% . And once you cross the $10,000 the fee goes down to 5%. Comparing it with other platforms like Freelancer or Guru where they start with the fee of 10%, Upwork is a bit expensive to begin with but one way to recover that is by incorporating the fee into your service charges.

Another big turn off working in Upwork is that you have to pay to the platform to get clients. In order to bid on jobs you have to have credits. In order to earn credits you have to pay to the platform. So if you are a beginner or a freelancer who doesn’t have a lot of money in the beginning then it will quickly feel more expensive to work on Upwork.


Pros in Freelancer:

Freelancer is a popular global platform where you will find clients from more than 190 countries. Most of the freelancers are from asian countries and there is a good chance of finding Indian clients in freelancers if language is a barrier.

Like Upwork you will have to bid for work. But the bidding cost id lower than other freelancing websites like Upwork. So it automatically become beginner friendly. And it is suitable for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money in the beginning.

Cons in Freelancer

Due to the fact that Freelancer is so popular worldwide, the competition is also huge. Even if you bid at a very low price for your service there will be 40-50 other freelancer who will be bidding along with you as well. So for new sellers it gets difficult to land clients. A small hack can be to take your existing clients to Freelancer platform. Then gain few good reviews which will give credibility to your bid among other lower price bids.


Pros in Fiverr

Clients need to select the category in which they need to find services. After selecting the gig by any freelancer they will be able to see their gig with their previous works. Through this you get a chance to show the client a sneak peak of your work. This builds trust on your expertise. This allows you to charge the right price for your services and not be underpaid.

There is no bidding on gigs. There is also potential of earning more through tips if your work is good. This brings higher earning possibility than Upwork and lower spending for landing you work offers.

Cons in Fiverr

Fiverr charges a 20% fee on every gig of yours. This means if you provide a service of $100 then Fiverr will charge a fee of $20. This makes your effective earning $80. To make things worse no only they charge 20% of the sellers revenue. But they also charge a service fee as well. This means they are charging from a seller’s profits and buyer’s payments. The buyer can still provide a tip for the sellers work . But to make it worse Fiverr charges a service charge on that tip too.

Besides these three freelancing websites there are a lot of platform which also provide freelancing jobs. Besides being a one for all websites there are freelancing websites that are specific to specific kind of freelancing works. These can be like coding, designing, content writing etc. Based on the skillset you posses you can choose these website to get started with your freelancing career right away.

Other Websites: Guru, Peopleperhour , iFreelance, WorknHire, 99designs, Topal, Codingninjas
Freelancer working

In this era of pandemic, remote working has become so much popular. Freelancing as a career option has grown by leaps and bounds. Earlier the demand for specific services was more and the qualified freelancers in the market were less. But these days all these websites suffer from over saturation of freelancers. Due to which it has become much more difficult to land clients. The above mentioned websites are best freelancing websites for beginners.

This is the nature of market and it will remain so. But one thing to note is that if the quality of your work is good enough then competition doesn’t matter much. The quality of your work and the relationship with the client will bring your recurring income. So as a beginner the earnings should take a back seat. You should always aim to create a compelling portfolio and building credibility for your work.

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